About Us

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Priority Coupons knows that it is hard to find the best deals that's why we exist. For the past decade, we have been obsessed with saving money personally so we decided to make a tea of savers, and here we are. Some things never change.


Couponing became a passion we now hold over 20,000 discount codes for retailers, restaurants online and in-store, our US-based team works hard every day to secure multiple offers not just regular offers ut exclusive offers for you.


We can not think of a better way to share love among people than to help you and your family save. No matter what the occasion graduation, wedding, anniversary, holidays. The list can go on but we don't need to find your best coupon deal, promotion code her or even share one.


Prioritycoupons.com connects consumers with retailers, restaurants, and brands, both online and in-store. It truly is just that simple if you shop there we have a coupon for there and if we don't let us know we will get it.

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Stop Hunting For The Best Deals We Got'em


While spending so many years curating and finding the best deals for ourselves, we can say we have created a very smooth process to get you the best deals out there. So in short "WE GOT YOU!"


Our relationship team continuously focuses on finding and growing with some of the largest brands in the US. By doing this we are able to accomplish some of the best and most lucrative coupon codes exclusively for you on PriorityCoupons.com.


When saving doesn't come as natural to you as being a "Great Mother", that's where we fall into place for you. Exclusive deals are sometimes flash sale prices, so don't wait to redeem.


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How We Keep The Lights On


Our relationship team continues to build our relationships with quality retailers and restaurants to make sure we always have the best savings possible. That's a lot of coupon paper cuts we get from this of yea and bandages.


In most cases, we earn a small commission from brands when someone makes a purchase using an offer on our site.


Some brands pay fixed fees to advertise with us. Trust is something that should be earned we feel we do that every day by making sure we don't give you stale codes but codes that are always going to offer you the best value.


Just so you know it's not all dollars and cents, there are some deals that we do not make a penny on. Why? Well because it's just that darn good!!!!